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About MyRxPad

MyRxPad is a prototype application developed at the National Library of Medicine that helps prescribers lower some of the e-prescribing adoption barriers and encourages an early positive experience of e-prescribing. We envision a practitioner-patient collaborative approach towards e-prescribing: patients play an active role in their healthcare by maintaining up-to-date and accurate medication lists. Prescribers make well-informed and safe prescribing decisions based on personal medication records contributed by patients.

Start MyRxPad

Click on "Launch MyRxPad" if the link is present: MyRxPad will start; Otherwise, click on "Download and install the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE)". You will arrive at the Sun download homepage, browse to find the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) download link, and install it (You will have to select your platform: Linux, Solaris or Windows). Then return to this MyRxPad home page, where the link now should read "Launch MyRxPad". Click on "Launch MyRxPad" and MyRxPad will start. For Mac users, Java for Mac OS can be downloaded here .

For Firefox users, open with Java Web Start Launcher.

For Netscape users on Windows, open with Javaws.exe. You might need to associate the file type "application/x-java-jnlp-file" with application "JRE_HOME/javaws/javaws" (JRE_HOME is the directory that JRE is installed).

MyRxPad code is digitally signed. You need to accept its security certificate to launch the application.

MyRxPad uses Java Web Start Technology and requires JRE 1.5 or later.

Secure User Environment

MyRxPad is a standalone application that runs locally on prescribers' computers. Prescriptions are stored locally on prescribers' computers and on patients' medication lists.